Ballina Sport Nations League/Albania to play against Lithuania

Nations League/Albania to play against Lithuania


The Albanian national football side will be playing on Monday evening for the first time in the new national stadium and this match is going to be against Lithuania in the second group match of the Uefa Nations League.

The victory in Belarus gave the Albanian national side the right confidence, but the focus now is on the second match. This was said by the team’s manager, Edy Reja, who said that there will be changes in the team.

“Lithuania is a team which enjoys playing football. Their passes are good and they play fast. But I have faith on my team, because it’s in a good condition. We need to make several changes for this match, but we need to be careful with the players that we select,” the Italian coach said.

The match against Lithuania will be played on Monday evening at 8.45 PM in the Air Albania national stadium. TemA